Winfried Muthesius

Muthesius studied at the Berlin University of the Arts (1979-1984). His works are influenced by many periods spent working abroad. New York is one of the most important stages so far in his artistic career. Today he lives and works mainly in Berlin. Influenced by his teacher, the art sociologist Hermann Wiesler, Muthesius is an artist who places the Real and its observation from all perspectives, combined with sign-seeking, at the origin of his works; whether he is confronting the historical and also the contemporary, or dealing with religious or existential questions. This sign-seeking is reflected in his working processes, which can be very complex. Answers to his questions are often concealed behind several layers.

Winfried Muthesius’s pictures are based on a number of sketches. The production processes leading from the sketch to the finished work are many and varied. But always a specific object, a series of drawings on site, the Real, serves as the starting point for his pictures. This has not changed, even though the artist’s development has led him over the years to further, completely new techniques in the creation of his art, and to an even greater variety of materials and ways of using them.