12. March 2018

“LOSS” – ART ACTION IN ATHENS ON 16/03/2018 – GOLD meets “golden field”, Numismatic Museum, Athens

loss – art action on Syntagma Square in Athens on 16/03/2018

Presentation of the golden field by Winfried Muthesius at the Numismatic Museum in Athens, from 09/03 to 16/03/2018.

Athens. 12, University Street. There, 120 years ago Heinrich Schliemann, a German Archeologist who excavated the ancient cities of Mykene and Troja, built his representative home. The Numismatic Museum of Athens, one of the most important Museums of its kind in the world today, the Villa Schliemann houses magnificent gold coins and other means of payment from the greek Antiquity, the European Middleage and European Monetary Union.  The coin collection illustrating the transitory values of the world meets a GOLDEN FIELD that encourages the appearance of eternity. The monochrome painting of the Berlin Artist Winfried Muthesius can be seen there until March 13, 2018.

Winfried Muthesius in front of his “golden field”

On the afternoon of Friday 16th, the loss action begins! The golden field will be carried from Numismatic Museum through the busy streets of Athens to Syntagma Square and sawn into pieces.


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