5. July 2017

“Too beautiful to be true”

“Too beautiful to be true” is the title of a symposium and an art exhibition at the Stiftung St. Matthäus and the Berlin Evangelical Academy. They mark the occasion of the retirement of long-standing director Pastor Christhard-Georg Neubert on July 12th, 2017 in the Bildungsstätte (Protestant House of Education) on the Isle of Schwanenwerder.

“Many pictures or pieces of music speak directly to us, and enable us to feel some truth about our own lives. But works of art do not use rational arguments to show us truth (…) They intrigue us, rather than give us answers. Therein lie provocation and attraction for religious thought.” Thus the text of the announcement of the Evangelical Academy, Brandenburg. The way in which art and the church establish a dialogue is shown by Winfried Muthesius with an absolutely unusual and surprising meditation. Hence the theme of the programme: “Too beautiful to be true?”