16. March 2018

“LOSS” – ART ACTION IN ATHENS ON 16/03/2018 – the cradle of democracy

LOSS – Intervention with GOLDEN FIELD by Winfried Muthesius in Athens

ATHEN. SYNTAGMA SQUARE. In the centre of the Greek capital, right in front of the Parliament building.

The artist and the famous greek musician and composer MANOLIS FAMELLOS  carry a 2-metre-square monochrome painting in gold weighing over 40 kg across Syntagma Square in Athens.

Muthesius (second left), Manolis Famellos (standing right)
Winfried Muthesius and Manolis Famellos carrying the GOLDEN FIELD

This is the heart of the city. The picture is heavy, and they make slow progress.  From all sides, people are streaming across the square. It is 6 pm. The end of the working day. They come from the surrounding public buildings, offices and department stores and escape into the entrances to the underground, while more crowds come pouring out of the underground onto the square.

People who want to enjoy themselves, to do something else, meet their friends and have a coffee or an aperitif. Lottery vendors peddle their luck in the evening sun.

lottery vendor

Others sell the famous sesame pretzels to tourists and passers-by.

pretzel stand

It is not easy to work their way across the square with the huge, bulky painting. But they manage, in the end.  Once he has reached the centre of the square, Muthesius sets down his Golden Field.

GODEN FIELD and the artist in front
There it is!
Passers-by are curios, asking the artist …
The Golden Field right in front of the Parliament – what a perfect and vibrant impression!


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