31. December 2018


Art action in the railway underpass

This series, in which Muthesius places small Golden Fields in public spaces, is called DARK GOLD. The picture seen here was created in a railway underpass at Berlin Charlottenburg, at the end of 2018.

As always when working on a DARK GOLD, the artist was out at night. He needs the dark, the cold, the inclement weather, when he applies the gold to places of solitude. It reminds him of the people who slip down here seeking shelter, and who must often spend the night in places like this.

With those people in mind, Winfried Muthesius first carefully applies an undercoat to his square picture surface. The whole thing is left overnight for the gold paint to dry. The next night the gold leaf is applied, centimetre by centimetre, to the graffiti-covered wall. At first, it hardly stands out. People hurrying by won’t notice it. They’re already rushing past. It is there for them, as a sign of appreciation. A light shining in on the darkness of everyday life.

This light can be found in several surprising spots in Berlin.

In the stairway leading up from the railway underpass.


Beside a recycling yard


In the underpass at Bahnhof Zoo


Or, for example, at Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin.

Where have you spotted one?