12. March 2018


loss – Preparation for the art action on Syntagma Square in Athens on 16/03/2018

February 2018. In his Berlin studio, Winfried Muthesius creates the golden field, which he will completely saw to pieces on the occasion of the art action loss, on 16/03/2018, on Syntagma Square in the heart of Athens.

The heavy wooden support measures 2 m by 2 m, still just the right size for Muthesius to be able to work without a ladder. Before the metal leaf can be applied, extensive preparatory work is required, involving thorough cleaning, priming, and application of the oil size. Imprecisions cannot be corrected afterwards. Calm and a steady hand are called for. The metal leaf, wafer-thin squares of about 16 cm across, is applied quickly and precisely. It is not possible to take any breaks. The oil size has a limited drying time, so the surface must be worked on in one go, in order to produce an even, monochrome picture. Selection of the wooden substrate plays an important part here. The structure of the wood shines through the metal leaf, giving each work a typical texture.

Excess material residue is removed. A flawless golden surface evokes eternity.

The golden field is framed and enclosed in a specially made, custom-fitting transport case.

On 21 February the golden field leaves the studio and is shipped to Athens.  It arrives there on 1 March, after being loaded five times!


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