28. December 2017


Winfried Muthesius and the students of the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) carry the skull picture – two square metres across and weighing over 40 kg – through the streets of Würzburg.


Schönbornstrasse, in Würzburg. On the way to the theatre with a skull picture, to take a stand against racism, populism and radicalism.

Three or four people carry the heavy and cumbersome painting by Winfried Muthesius. It is the basis for the next process, the photo shoot in front of the theatre, a sensitive location in Würzburg, where antisemitic riots took place. Antisemitic remarks can once again be heard today. Artists are taking a stand by working on various pics4peace.

The young artists on their walk to the theatre. Despite the heavy burden, they are clearly happy to be speaking out for peace, freedom and democracy.
The skull picture by Winfried Muthesius being carried through the city as part of the workshop.

YouTube video from the performance